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How Hot Spot BBQ is Smoking the Competition

OrderCounter Grills Hot Spot BBQ on How They’re Smoking the Competition At a Glance: Hot Spot BBQ Location: Pensacola, FL Type of Restaurant: BBQ Number of Employees: 20 Solutions Used: Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards While visiting Pensacola, FL locals and tourists alike have to stop by one of the hottest barbecue spots in town.[…]

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The Juicy Numbers that has The Tin Cow Grilling Up the Competition

Type of Restaurant: Modern American, Hamburger, Multiple Concepts                  Location: Pensacola, FL Number of Employees: 35 OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Hybrid Remote Backoffice Typically, when ordering a burger, customers are given three options: rare, medium, or well-done. Imagine being able to order a thick juicy burger exactly to your liking? At The Tin Cow, they don’t just[…]

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We’re Spotlighting One of the Best Taco Restaurants in the Country

Location: Pensacola, FL Type of Restaurant: Mexican, Food Truck Number of Employees: 10 OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards The Secret Sauce that Made Business Insider List Taqueria El Asador as One of the Best Taco Restaurants in the Country Fast service is a food truck necessity. When Rive Garcia opened Taqueria El[…]

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Bring the Community Together With These 4 Restaurant Ideas

4 Ways of How to Bring the Community Together While Increasing Your Restaurant’s Revenue Now more than ever restaurants are getting creative welcoming their customers back by offering unique services such as: Virtual events Drive-in movie nights Concerts or live music Cooking and mixology classes Offering these limited services can be a fun way to[…]