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How Hot Spot BBQ is Smoking the Competition with their POS System

Felicity Moore |June 25, 2020 OrderCounter Grills Hot Spot BBQ on How Their Hybrid POS System is Helping Them Smoke the Competition At a Glance: Hot Spot BBQ Location: Pensacola, FL Type of Restaurant: BBQ Number of Employees: 20 Solutions Used: Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards While visiting Pensacola, FL locals and tourists alike have to stop[…]

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The Tin Cow is Grilling Up the Competition With Remote Reports

Felicity Moore |June 24, 2020 The Juicy Numbers That Has Pensacola  Restaurant The Tin Cow Grilling Up the Competition with Remote Reports Type of Restaurant: Modern American, Hamburger, Multiple Concepts                  Location: Pensacola, FL Number of Employees: 35 OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Hybrid Remote Backoffice Typically, when ordering a burger, customers are given three options: rare, medium, or[…]

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Mobile Tablets Keep Lines Moving At Taqueria El Asador

Felicity Moore |June 20, 2020 Location: Pensacola, FL Type of Restaurant: Mexican, Food Truck Number of Employees: 10 OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards The Secret Sauce that Made Business Insider List Taqueria El Asador as One of the Best Taco Restaurants in the Country Fast service is a food truck necessity. When Rive[…]

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Restaurant Events to Bring Your Community Together

Felicity Moore |June 19, 2020 Bring Customers Together Revenue With These 4 Restaurant Events Now more than ever restaurants are getting creative welcoming their customers back by offering unique services such as: Virtual events Drive-in movie nights Concerts or live music Cooking and mixology classes Offering these limited services can be a fun way to discover[…]