Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria Increases Revenue by 22% With Hybrid POS

Felicity Moore |June 15, 2020

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Location: Ocean Springs, MS

Type of Restaurant: Pizzeria

Number of Employees: 20

Solutions Used: Pizza Takeout POS, Online Ordering, Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards

How Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria Increased Revenue by 22% with OrderCounter’s Hybrid POS

Before getting into the Pizza business, Tom wanted to create an environment where he could provide his customers with high-quality pizza while delivering a memorable experience for guests of all ages. At first, he was hesitant about losing money due to the risks such as not being able to track inventory and employee theft. Tom decided to go to a tradeshow to find a reliable point of sale company to help him avoid this problem. That’s when Tom encountered the OrderCounter team and decided to take a chance on our company. Since then his business has taken off – recently appearing on WLOX News and receiving awards such as TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2018 Winner for having the best pizza on the coast. 
ordercounter, point of sale, hybrid pos
Convenience is Key to Help Your Online Ordering Platform Thrive

Tom took this into consideration when building his website so he can give his customers the opportunity to order his pizza wherever they go. With easy access to his menu, guests can choose to have their fresh pizza to go or delivered. Tom knew there was an even more seamless ordering process by offering memberships for returning customers. Now guests can quickly log onto their account to reorder their favorite menu items or add a new item to a previous order. Tom is pleased to have come across a Point of Sale company that could help him achieve his online ordering vision and turn it into a reality.  

You Need a Support Team That Moves Your Business Forward, Not Backwards

“I chose OrderCounter for their price, versatility and great customer service.”

Ordercounter understands the importance of having a knowledgeable support team to help. Throughout the years, Tom has worked with the OrderCounter team to help expand his business without breaking the bank. When Tom’s older terminal needed assistance he reached out to the support team to see what to do about it. Our team suggested sending his terminal to our office to have it evaluated. In the meantime, OrderCounter let him borrow a new terminal while the other one was being fixed. After getting his terminal back, Tom decided to purchase a third terminal to help keep up with the demand. Since then Tom’s Pizzeria has increased its revenue by 25% in 2018 and has further increased by 22% in 2019. 

Having a Remote Back Office that Keeps You Informed On The Go  

One of the most important facts in the restaurant industry is to know your numbers. Due to Tom using OrderCounter’s Remote Back Office he’s been able to access his restaurant’s records to keep track of inventory, sales, and oversee potential employee theft from wherever he his. With the inbox report, Tom receives valuable daily updates to his phone to help him make crucial decisions to help push his restaurant in the right direction. There, he can distinguish the menu items that are profitable from items that are poorly affecting his revenue. 

ordercounter, point of sale, pizza pos, pizzeria, tom's extreme, case study

“I couldn’t have made it because knowing where your money goes is important. Since using OrderCounter we’ve been able to monitor our labor and food costs to see what sells and what doesn’t. With the easy-to-use technology, it helps us track and compare our revenue from previous and current quarters. This year alone we’ve been extremely pleased with our revenue going up by 22%. I knew that OrderCounter was the best choice back 12 years ago and I still hold to it to this day. They’re a company that truly wants big results for their customers.” -Tom Bennett


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