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Are You Correctly Using Your Online Ordering Platform?

Felicity Moore |January 31, 2020 As a business owner, you’re always looking to make the right moves for your restaurant. Now more than ever we’re seeing restaurants making the shift to online markets. Users are using their smartphones to help find options that can accommodate their busy schedules- especially when it comes to food. According to Forbes,[…]

OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS- developer point of sale system

Team Spotlight: James Hawthorne

Felicity Moore |January 27, 2020 At OrderCounter, James has been developing the latest software and frameworks as our software engineer. After graduating from the University of West Florida with a degree in Software Development, James has gone on to create many effective programs for our company such as Partner Portal. Since launching the program it has granted our[…]

OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS- Fast Casual Point of Sale Online Ordering

WHY Online Ordering Will IMPROVE Your Restaurant Sales

Felicity Moore |January 2, 2020 The Reasons Why Online Ordering Will Increase Your Sales at Cyber Speed It’s Friday night, you’re finally finishing up your shift at the office and realized that you still have to grab dinner for your family. You could go to the grocery store but by the time you have dinner ready it’ll[…]