The Tin Cow is Grilling Up the Competition With Remote Reports

Felicity Moore |June 24, 2020

1 header Tin Cow, Pensacola, FL POS, OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS

Type of Restaurant: Modern American, Hamburger, Multiple Concepts                 

Location: Pensacola, FL

Number of Employees: 35

OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Hybrid Remote Backoffice


The Juicy Numbers That Has Pensacola  Restaurant The Tin Cow Grilling Up the Competition with Remote Reports

Typically, when ordering a burger, customers are given three options: rare, medium, or well-done. Imagine being able to order a thick juicy burger exactly to your liking? At The Tin Cow, they don’t just give you more options but they encourage guests to customize their order to exactly the way they want it. For instance, when guests arrive at their table they have the option to order straight from the menu or guests can write on their menu to pick their kind of bun, burger patty, toppings, and dressings. 

To some, that may seem like a heavy order to meet, however, for Joe this isn’t his first walk in the park when it comes to running a prosperous restaurant. After years of being in the industry opening up multiple locations and concepts, Joe has learned about what to look for when preparing for his next restaurant venture: a reliable point of sale system that could keep up with the heavy demand and the flexibility of managing multiple units remotely.

OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS- tablet point of sale system- remote reports

1. Use all of your numbers to make your next move

By using remote reports, restaurant operators can collect valuable information to distinguish important patterns and trends in the market; improve any outdated business strategies to increase their demand; cut costs, and minimize risk. Joe understands the importance of having a POS system that is able to analyze his reports to help assist him in his next move. He’s able to weave out the least popular toppings to add exciting menu items such as specialty Spiked Milkshakes and  “Design Your Own Snack” options to his menu.  Tin Cow, Pensacola, FL POS, OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS

2. Take the “wait” out of waitstaff to increase customer interactions

No matter what kind of restaurant you’re running, a friendly waitstaff will strengthen customer relationships to increase your restaurant’s popularity. After going through eight different point of sale companies Joe was searching for a user-friendly POS system that could reduce his staff’s time at the register, giving more time to interact with customers. Since using OrderCounter, Joe has noticed a difference in how his staff has been more comfortable with checking out high-volume orders quickly and thoroughly. Now his waitstaff can focus on serving their tables to ensure a positive dining experience.

Tin Cow, Pensacola, FL POS, OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS

3. Have Technology Built to Adapt to Changing Environments

One thing is for sure- if you don’t continue to innovate it can be detrimental for your business. After using OrderCounter for the past four years, Joe believes that both the adaptability and evolution of our cloud-hybrid solution has been increasingly beneficial for his restaurant. For one, Joe has noticed that smooth transactions have that makes the checkout process seamless. He also noticed that whenever he comes across a problem, our support team strives to fix any issues he may face and work with developers to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.      

“At first we chose OrderCounter for the reporting tool and liked that it was local. After using it for 4 years it’s been one of the best reporting tools I’ve ever used. Not only, have we noticed our order entry has greatly increased but it has also allowed us to put more of our employees in front of our guests rather than behind the register. With the constant evolution of the platform, it has sped up the response time greatly as well as researching positive reviews and challenges a breeze. Looking at the evolution from when we started to now shows that the adaptability that OrderCounter has done for us is outstanding.”

Tin Cow, Pensacola POS, OrderCounter Cloud Hybrid POS

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