How Hot Spot BBQ is Smoking the Competition with their POS System

Felicity Moore |June 25, 2020

OrderCounter Hot Spot BBQ , pensacola POS, restaurant POSLocation: Pensacola, FL

Type of Restaurant: BBQ

Number of Employees: 20

OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Remote Backoffice, Gift Cards


OrderCounter Grills Hot Spot BBQ on How Their Hybrid POS System is Helping Them Smoke the Competition

While visiting Pensacola, FL locals and tourists alike have to stop by one of the hottest barbecue spots in town. Guests are greeted by the smokey smell of barbecue from Hot Spot’s famous slow cooker in a fun, cozy atmosphere. When Jim initially opened Hot Spot BBQ he knew that there was no time to waste. Since opening back in 2010 his vision of catering to the panhandle has come to life receiving multiple awards such as InWeekly’s Best of the Coast Best BBQ Winner (2013-2018) and TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence (2015-2019). Having a POS system that produces consistent results is one of the means to make that happen. Jim’s pleased with how OrderCounter’s multiple features help him do what he needs to do to keep his customers coming back hungry and leaving happy.  

OrderCounter POS_4 Quote MidOrderCounter Hot Spot BBQ , pensacola POS, restaurant POS, hybrid pos systemThe Only Thing that Should be Slow is How the Food is Prepared- Not the Service

Jim agrees that slow is never the key to launching a successful restaurant. When his restaurant opens, he is greeted by a wave of hungry guests eager to try his mouth-watering fall-off-the-bone ribs. In order to keep up with the rush of customers, Jim knew he needed a dependable Hybrid POS to send the correct tickets to the kitchen that’ll help speed up the serving process. Since going with OrderCounter, they were pleasantly surprised with the seamless checkout process and how it worked for their multiple ordering platforms such as their popular takeout, delivery, and catering services.

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Don’t Let Your Business Stand Still- Look for Ways to Allow Your Business to Grow

Why limit your restaurant when there are plenty of people eager to try your food? Hot Spot BBQ is able to let customers share their experience by offering gift cards to give to their family and friends. For guests, it can create an exciting first impression while giving the customer a seamless checkout process. Whether it’s during the holidays or after, gift cards are a great way to help maintain revenue as well as protecting your restaurant from bounced checks, stolen credit cards, and your overall POS system.  

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“By using OrderCounter Solutions it does exactly what we need it to do for our business. The product helps us see what our costs are and gets our tickets to the dining room so the food can come out in a timely manner. By doing so, it helps save the servers from running around and the orders are always put in the kitchen clearly and consistently- leaving very few mistakes. When there is an issue, we like how whenever there is a problem we are able to speak directly to the owner and the developers to solve the issue. We’re happy that the product does what we need it to do and that it helps us give our customers exactly what they want.”

Learn more about OrderCounter’s Hybrid POS system and how it can positively impact your restaurant.

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