Unique Ways Customers Can SUPPORT Restaurants

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Creative Ways That Customers Can Support Local Restaurants

Restaurants have always had an important role in bringing communities together. As once the driving force for local economies now has taken a standstill due to closures as a result of COVID-19. The ones who are still open have had to shift entirely to an online ordering, curbside takeout, or delivery model. Now more than ever do we see loyal customers coming together to help serve their restaurants by finding ways to support their business. Here are other ways you can help your local restaurants get through this troubling time.

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.01Invest in Gift Cards

Gift cards play a crucial role at this time by acting like interest-free loans for restaurants. By encouraging gift card sales can help restaurants be able to afford to stay open during a financially difficult time, however, they don’t have to just be a gift just for restaurants. 

  • Give gift cards to family and friends on special occasions to bring more people into their restaurant once things settle down. Additionally, restaurants have been offering promotions and discounts on their gift cards to encourage these sales. 
  • Spread some joy during quarantine by buying local gift cards and giving them to those that may be going through financial hardships during this time.

2-gift cards 2-gift cards

Stock Up on Do-It-Yourself Spirit Kits for a Virtual Happy Hour

Alcohol sales help restaurants thrive. As the pandemic continues more states are allowing restaurants to deliver and sell alcoholic beverages. Since new legislation has been passed many restaurants and bars are offering discounted prices on:

  • Bottles
  • Specialty drinks
  • Drink kits


Have fun staying in by purchasing one of their kits to learn how to make a specialty beverage to later show off your bartending skills to your family and friends!

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3Grocery Shop at your Favorite Restaurant

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Restaurants have been coming up with creative ways of how to keep sales going by offering numerous deals. Such deals include:

Buy in bulk by purchasing a family-size meal or two and save it for later by freezing it. Then you’ll have easy meals ready for you and your family throughout the week so you don’t have to rush into a busy grocery store. If you’re low on particular supplies certain restaurants are offering cuts of meat, ingredients, and drinks for sale that people can buy. This not only gives you an opportunity to cook like the chefs at your restaurant but it can save you a trip from trying to find sparse items such as meat, dairy, bread, and eggs. Bulk up your fridge while helping restaurants sell off their excess product, and raw ingredients to help them recoup their costs during this time.

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Sport Restaurant Merch4

Restaurants usually have different kinds of items that customers can buy such as:

  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Glasses
  • Miscellaneous items 
  • Food products

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Sport your favorite restaurant by wearing one of their customized t-shirts or add to your growing coffee mug collection by purchasing one of their own. Make staying in fun by attempting to replicate the restaurant’s dish or create your own by buying their edible products. Merchandise sales are a great way for eateries to pump income into areas such as paying rent and their employees while building brand awareness.

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5Be a Restaurant Reviewer

Help be a loyal supporter by becoming a restaurant reviewer while staying at home. There is no special qualification except:

  • If you’ve been a customer at their restaurant 
  • If you have access to the web

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Show what certain restaurants are doing to accommodate their guests by posting a review of your experience. Help showcase what the restaurant did during your visit by including:

  • A detailed description
  • Photo of the restaurant or dish
  • A video showcasing the restaurant’s atmosphere


This will help curious diners check out different restaurants but it can also help restaurants decrease their marketing costs by having a strong web presence. Enjoy yourself by ordering from new restaurants and write like an expert reviewer about one of their appetizing dishes you sampled.

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Restaurants depend on the web now more than ever in order to keep up with their daily costs. Help support your local restaurants by finding ways to help invest in their company. Whether it’s buying merchandise or taking the time to review a restaurant can help them stay in business to continue serving their customers. Stay up to date with restaurants by following their social media pages or by directly reaching out to them to see if they’re still taking orders. Many restaurants have switched to online ordering but be aware that some third-party companies take hefty fees on each order placed. The most important thing to do right now is to show our support one way or another to let them know that we’re there for them just as much as they’ve been there for us.

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