OrderCounter POS Waives Online Ordering Fees Amid COVID-19

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OrderCounter POS Waives Online Ordering Fees Amid COVID-19

Pensacola, Fla. (March 20, 2020) – OrderCounter, a hybrid point of sale software company for restaurants, is waiving the $400 Online Ordering set up fee and the monthly cost through the end of May so that the restaurant community affected by the Coronavirus outbreak can begin accepting orders immediately and generate cash flow.

“People are turning to their smartphones more as schools and businesses continue to close. That’s why it’s urgent for all restaurants to make the move to an online ordering platform to help protect their business during this pandemic,” said CEO/Co-Founder, Thomas Barrineau IV. “Generating cash flow in this time of need is key to helping restaurants stay open while also helping employees keep their jobs during this crisis. 100% of all online orders go directly to our restaurants, unlike many third-party ordering services that charge service fees up to 30%, plus the cost of processing.”

By going digital, restaurants can still receive to-go orders that will help control the number of guests coming into their restaurant. Restaurants can take additional steps by offering special services such as curbside pickup to maintain a safe distance for both their customers and employees. They are also able to run special promotions on their website such as offering gift cards at a discounted rate and discount codes that give users a 10% discount on all of their takeout orders.

The National Restaurant Association projects that the restaurant industry will be losing $225 billion during the next three months. In order to strengthen the economy, it starts by focusing on local businesses.

“By giving restaurants the tools and support they need, we feel confident our product will benefit our communities as a whole. We’re taking steps to help our restaurants prepare for the future by giving them a new stream of income, providing helpful resources,” said Barrineau. “As this carries on, we plan on continuing to support our customers to ensure that they don’t have to sacrifice their business during this time of need.”

It’s time to work together to make sure everyone comes out strong. Contact info@ordercounter.com to get set up today.

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