Contactless Options Drives Sales at Pensacola Brewery

Contactless payments coastal county

Type of Restaurant: American, Bar, Brewery

Location: Pensacola, FL

Number of Employees: 15

OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS


The Report’s In– Coastal County is Brewing Up Sales with Contactless Payments

Back in March, Fred and Michaela were excited to finally debut the Coastal County Brewing Company to the community after their highly anticipated grand opening. Like many other restaurateurs, their plans quickly shifted as soon as they were forced to close their service when COVID-19 hit the country. Though it was an unexpected surprise it didn’t slow down the duo from their daily operations. As new regulations were enforced they quickly made adjustments to how they ran their restaurant by turning their dine-in and drink service to strictly to-go and delivery orders. Despite everything seeming to slow down, the team at Coastal County Brewing remained busy by continuing to have an outpour of food and drink orders. In June, the team was excited to finally share their love of the ocean, outdoor games, and beer with the public by officially reopening their doors. With the help of both the community and their OrderCounter Hybrid Point of Sales System, the team at the Coastal County Brewing Company discovered it was the perfect recipe for success.

hybrid point of sale bar

Reports help the team make the right decision for their brewery

When you venture to the Gulf of Mexico don’t forget to join the fun at The Coastal County Brewing in Pensacola, FL. There, you’ll find locals and tourists alike trying freshly-made brews in their charming coastal taproom. As a quaint and relaxing setting, guests can choose to sit at their nautical-style bar to sample one of their many new seltzers, beers, wine, mead, and spiked smoothies. 

As a brewery that’s known for its unique beverages, it can be a risky move if their drink sales are not being properly monitored. Not only could offering the least popular drink be detrimental to their sales but it can deter people from trying other flavors. By pulling up detailed reports on their Hybrid Point of Sales System, the team can easily indicate both their best and least popular drinks. They can also review and analyze their bar and kitchen sales by using other reports to see where they had lost money or where they were making the most profit. They especially enjoy using their Employee Reports due to it having a simplistic breakdown for both of their waitstaff and bartender sales. This has been proven to be especially helpful in creating competitive sales contests for both of their staff. Proven that even through tough times, the team is still focused on hitting their numbers. 

hybrid point of sale fast casual

Contactless payments have helped keep stress at bay

At the Coastal County Brewing, guests have the option to choose from one of their many tables in their taproom to order food or to grab a game from their collection. Customers are welcome to explore their backyard park to find an unlimited amount of activities to partake in. From there, guests can mingle with others as they explore their fresh beer garden, firepit, and ultimate frisbee course. Though it is a hit amongst the community, the staff found themselves having to continuously dart back and forth between the taproom and park taking away valuable time from their guests. Since incorporating OrderCounter’s Point of Sale they’re finding their bar sales have increased and their servers are spending less time between their indoor and outdoor space. Additionally, Michaela and Fred are relieved to have found a product that lets them keep tabs open with just a swipe of their card on their company tablet. This way, they no longer having to keep track of their customers’ cards has led to a smoother checkout process and happier customers.

hybrid point of sale pensacola

Coastal County isn’t alone when it comes to their business 

In the past, Michaela has dealt with other Point of Sale companies that initially promised to have reliable customer service. In the end, whenever her restaurant needed immediate help she couldn’t get in touch with their support team without having to wait and go through multiple steps in order to get in touch. Since making the move to OrderCounter, she and Fred have noticed how passionate the team is to help their business. From being there to help during setup to OrderCounter team always answering their calls, they are glad that they signed with a service that has the urgency to get things done while also ensuring that the system runs smoothly. 


“After using OrderCounter at both Hopjacks and Sammy Barker’s I knew that this system would be the perfect match for our brewery. The system is easy to use and I love the fact I can pull up multiple reports at once to see how the brewery is doing. This not only keeps us on track with our numbers but we also have fun with it by running monthly sales competitions amongst the staff. Also, they have an awesome support team that is always just a call away to help us with any questions we may have. Since joining the OrderCounter family, the team has been unbelievably supportive and helpful from day one. For instance, before we opened the support team stopped by to help us get set up for our grand opening. Later that week, the whole team surprised us at the event and has continued to stop by to support our business. Based on my experience, I haven’t come across a Point of Sales Company that truly supports and values their customers the way OrderCounter has made us feel. Just know that when you sign up for OrderCounter you not only get a great product at a competitive price but you also get a team that is determined to help your business succeed. I would definitely recommend it!”

-Michaela, General Manager at Coastal County Brewery

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