How to Incorporate Online Ordering Without Third-Party Delivery Apps

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How to Get all of the Benefits of Online Ordering Without the Cost of Grubhub, Waitr, or Doordash

This year alone online ordering has skyrocketed in demand due to its accessibility and functionality for users from all over. According to Statista, online ordering has reached $26 billion in revenue as well as a predicted 5.1% growth rate this year alone. Though it may seem like restaurants are dominating the online market it’s another industry that is collecting the majority of the profits. With third-party delivery services such as Grubhub, Doordash, and Waitr, they have successfully connected restaurants to the online marketplace with their online ordering platform, however, it has started to become the downfall for restaurants and their total revenue. 

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For instance, some third-party vendors charge users between a 15%-25% commission fee for online orders that have been processed through their program. Little do restaurateurs know that even after that percentage is taken out of their funds the total fees they’re paying for are:

  • Process/fraud protection fee (4%)
  • Marketing fee (15%-20%)
  • The optional delivery fee (10%)

Though third-party vendors allow restaurant owners control as to which package they’d like to pay for, the fees are starting to add up and restaurateurs are realizing that these services are starting to cost them big time. 

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Due to this, big third-party platforms have invested that money into marketing in order to dominate the online delivery industry. This on top of the costly reputation that these companies have has made restaurants hesitant to implement online ordering due to the financial risk of incorporating the platform. 

Avoid having to do damage control by having complete authority over your online ordering system

Even though these third party names have the marketing reach, that doesn’t mean they can’t go without any complications. Problems can arise such as orders being inconsistent or missed due to staff having to manually put in orders that were placed through a third-party platform. Instead of having to do damage control, bypass the features that could slow down your business by having a point of sale that offers: 

  • Orders that go directly into your POS
  • A customized online ordering page
  • Confirmation emails sent straight to you and your customers as soon as their order is placed
  • Dashboard report for all of your online orders

Additionally, having a POS that gives restaurateurs all of these features can bring significant benefits. Not only can these features empower restaurants to create effective plans from their reports but they also can reduce the number of errors in their kitchen with real-time notifications. Doing so will not only give restaurateurs like you full control over your restaurant but can be the tool to make your business flourish.

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