Online Ordering Tickets are Soaring for Boca Latin Kitchen

Hybrid-Pos- Point of Sale

Location: Pensacola, FL

Type of Restaurant: Venezuelan, Latin American

Number of Employees: 5

OrderCounter Solutions: Hybrid POS, Online Ordering, Multi-Unit Enterprise


Diverse Venezuelan Menu has Customers Lining Up to Get a Taste of Boca Latin Kitchen

Listed by locals as one of the best restaurants to grab authentic Venezuelan food, residents no longer have to travel to Venezuela in order to sample a traditional Latin dish. Located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Pensacola, residents and tourists alike have discovered the impeccable flavors at Boca Latin Kitchen. There, customers can try traditional Venezuelan plates with hues of cilantro, kicks of spice, and creamy cheese topped on a thick bed of shredded meat. According to customers, stopping by their food truck is something not to be missed. 

Eduardo Arraez is the active co-owner of Boca Latin Kitchen who you can spot running the daily operations and cooking up mouthwatering orders. Not too far away from his downtown location are his two other businesses that he runs with his wife Maria. There they run a Peruvian restaurant, Mr. Pollo, that specializes in making the juiciest wood-fired rotisserie chicken and a Latin American grocery store called Latin Roots Supermarket. Eduardo knew that in order to continue to please all of his hungry customers that he needed to have a reliable point of sales system (POS) that could support his food truck as well as his other ventures.

 “While running Mr. Pollo, we initially had a poor point of sale system that wasn’t fulfilling our needs. Since being introduced to OrderCounter, I felt comfortable incorporating this product in my new restaurant.”

Hybrid-Pos- online ordering

Eduardo’s Hybrid POS system was the perfect fit for his Food Truck

Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks often provide customers with an exceptional amount of wiggle room due to its open seating arrangement. On the other hand, Eduardo and his team find themselves in cramped quarters due to their limited space.

Luckily for Eduardo, his POS system is able to sync to mobile devices. This allows his team to work outside his food truck by taking orders using a mobile tablet to drastically reducing wait times during heavy rushes without having to add an additional terminal.

As Eduardo says, “At Boca, we hold our standards just like at my other restaurant, Mr. Pollo. That means being able to efficiently work with my team to quickly serve our customers without there being a long waiting period. Having a food truck does limit us more, however, we carefully chose our equipment so that we can still run a fast yet functional business.”

Hybrid-Pos- online ordering

User-friendly design has made operations a breeze for Boca Latin Kitchen

It’s always an exciting time whenever a restaurateur looks to open a new restaurant, however, the process can be quite costly and time-consuming. Eduardo’s hybrid POS system allows him to quickly train his employees so that he doesn’t have to take much time away from his restaurant to teach his employees how to operate the system.

“One of the reasons why I chose OrderCounter was because of its user-friendly interface. I knew that it would be an easy system when I tried it for myself and saw how well my staff at Mr. Pollo adapted to the system. I wanted my team at Boca to get the same experience by using the same product. The straightforwardness of the product has greatly helped my team that we’ve been continuing to have seamless transactions.”

Hybrid-Pos- online ordering

Online ordering has created a buzz surrounding Eduardo’s food truck

During COVID-19 restaurateurs found themselves expanding their business to the online market. That way, they can remotely connect customers to their services in order to generate another stream of revenue. After seeing the online ordering success of Mr. Pollo, Eduardo wanted to offer the same service for his downtown eatery.

“We wanted to initially create an online ordering page to cater to our customers who didn’t feel comfortable eating out. After seeing the positive reaction from our customers at Mr. Pollo we wanted to have the same online ordering platform for Boca Latin Kitchen. Right now, Boca Latin Kitchen is doing very well and we’ve noticed that our orders have gone up significantly. I also like how our online orders print to our kitchen printer so that we never miss an order either.”

Hybrid-Pos- point of sale
Eduardo knew that OrderCounter’s online ordering platform would be a great fit especially due to its hybrid features such as being able to remotely update both in-dining and online menus. 

“The feature I like the most about the online ordering system is that I can easily manage both of my menus. That way I can offer daily specials to both of my customers who stop by or for those that ordered from my online menu which helps increase my business as well as keeping my customers happy.” 

Hybrid-Pos- point of sale

OrderCounter’s POS system helps restaurateurs keep track of multiple businesses

After Eduardo and Maria noticed a buzz surrounding Latin food in Pensacola they decided to expand their venture into both retail as well as Boca Latin Kitchen. They were pleased to find out that OrderCounter offered a multi-unit enterprise to help restaurant owners run multiple eateries. When they discovered all of the features associated with the product such as comparison reports they knew they had to have it for their restaurants. 

“Managing three businesses is easy to do with our multi-enterprise system. There we can pull up reports on either our POS system or our phones. They also have a feature such as comparison reports that gives us a detailed comparison of how well each one of our stores is doing. This has helped us create effective strategies to help keep our businesses going especially if we notice if one isn’t doing as well as the other.” 

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